Skin Services


Level 1 Facial

A light Image peel or enzyme with a corresponding recovery mask. – $85

Level 2 Facial

A light Image peel with an appropriate peel booster or PCA’s TCA peel. Mask choices include Image anti-aging radiance or hydrating mask, freeze dried collagen or caviar with corresponding treatment serums. – $105

Level 3 Facial

Any peel from levels 1 and 2, Image Perfection Lift or aggressive PCA peel with peel boosters. Mask choices include any mask from level 2 or an Osmosis mask or masks customized with powder blend and actives specific for your skin condition. Ask about Osmosis facial infusion in place of masks. – $125

Choose Level 1, 2 or 3 with all 60 minute facials. The level chosen IS the value of the facial, it is NOT additional cost for 60 minute facials. (Extractions are performed in every 60 minute facial.)

60 min. Acne Facial—Improve light to moderate acne and blackheads with extended extractions, Image acne peel and soothing recovery mask.

60 min. Calming Holistic Facial—Osmosis facial based on Ancient Eastern Medicine philosophies. Designed to calm heat by using ingredients and massage techniques involving light pressure and slow speed.

60 min. Facial Infusion—An Osmosis facial infusion and active powder blends, providing exceptional results without compromising the health of the skin. A non- inflammatory treatment that works with the skin to stimulate new cell turnover.

60 min. Hydrating Facial—Gentle resurfacing with Image lactic acid peel or Vitamin C peel and a luxurious hydrating serum and plumping mask.

60 min. Lightning Lift—Facial designed to even skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation with brightening mask.

60 min. Medi-infusion—An Osmosis facial infusion and active powder blends used with a traditional facial that cleanses, preps the skin for treatment, and invigorates the skin and senses with Osmosis nourishing and healing masks.

60 min. Pore Refining Facial—Improve the skin’s texture and pore size with one of Image’s light peels and a pore refining mask.

60 min. Sensitive Skin Facial—A facial intended for the most sensitive skin condition using Image Vitamin C peel or Image lactic peel stacked with a soothing enzyme and hydrating mask.

60 min. Stimulating Holistic Facial—An Osmosis facial designed to increase circulation by using ingredients and massage techniques involving deep pressure and fast speed.

60 min. Wrinkle Lift Facial—A facial intended to smooth out fine lines and improve wrinkles using Image’s AHA/retinol peel with a soothing recovery mask.


30 min. Acne Facial—A quick solution to improve redness, light acne and blackheads. 15 minutes of extractions and a clarifying mask. – $60

30 min. Image Signature Facial—Enjoy bright and hydrated skin with this layered Vitamin C facial. A non-invasive Vitamin C treatment, light scrub and hydrating enzyme. No extractions included. – $60

90 min. Customizable Facial—Choose any skin treatment or facial with any level 1, 2, or 3 peel and mask(s). Truly a customizable facial designed to aggressively treat multiple conditions and decollate. – $180

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Facial and Treatment Add-ons

Add Decollate—$40
Add Eye Treatment—$20
Add Neck Treatment—$20
Add Specialty Mask—$15

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Skin Treatments

All treatments include extractions and recovery mask.

75 min. Dermaplane Treatment—Treatment designed to lightly resurface the skin and remove vealous hair. Using an enzyme skin prep prior to treatment for maximum results and appropriate mask for skin recovery. – $95

60 min. Microdermabrasion—This Microdermabrasion treatment incorporates the use of aluminum oxide crystals to polish the surface of the skin allowing for smaller pores and smoother texture. A skin recovery mask is used to hydrate and soothe the skin post treatment. – $95

60 min. Revitapen—Treatment offering immediate and long-term results with a noninvasive device, RevitaPen, to enhance product absorption and drive active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal skin restoration. The enhanced treatment stimulates circulation, softens fine lines, reduces scarring, improves hydration levels and controls breakouts. – $120

90 min. Microdermabrasion—This Microdermabrasion treatment uses aluminum oxide crystals to polish the surface of the skin allowing for smaller pores and smoother texture. Decollate is treated in the extended microdermabrasion treatment. A skin recovery mask is used to hydrate and soothe the skin post treatment. – $125

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Waxing Services

Brow contouring—$25
Brow maintenance—$15
Face (not including brows)—$30
Full leg—$65
Back—$70 and up