Rebecca’s Services
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Skin care lines include:
ZO, Skinceuticals and Elta MD

  • Customized medical facials
  • Peels (ZO, SkinMedica, Revepeel)
  • Dermalinfusion facial treatment
  • Microneedling (SkinPen)
  • Dermaplaning
  • Waxing

About Rebecca Woodard

Hello, my name is Rebecca Woodard. My journey began in 2002 when I decided to leave University of North Texas and enter Ogle School in Arlington, Texas. Immediately I was certain I had made the right decision. I love the skin care industry, am a self professed “product junkie,” and am enamored with the spa atmosphere. I found my passion.

My first job after graduating from Ogle School was at The Gallery, a day spa, in Baton Rouge, LA. I quickly put my education and skills to work and built enough clientele for the spa, in less than twenty-four months, that it required two aestheticians to meet the demand…….but, I was searching for more. I was making my client’s skin beautiful, but I had to know how to KEEP their skin beautiful over a lifetime. I had to discover more about skin, and how to care for troubled skin, how to help it recover and how to keep the appropriate ph balance……I had to know the medical side of skin care. I had to relocate.

I relocated to Dallas to a medical laser and resurfacing spa. I began my medical aesthetics training with Stephanie, who, with four years of experience, taught me the essentials of the skin’s threshold of tolerance in resurfacing.

Considering each skin type is different, I found this to be a fascinating challenge! After one year of training under Stephanie’s apt tutelage it was time to move on. I had to learn the recovery process….and in the back of my mind a dream was developing.

In Austin I met and worked with Vickmay Quinn, a European trained medical aesthetician. In her medical spa, with her extended years of experience, I began to learn the recovery process and how to begin and maintain the skin’s ph balance. After a year of training in recovery I was ready to independently help clients with troubled skin. I felt I had struck a balance in my training, and was ready to begin my dream.

In 2007, my dream became reality and Elite Aesthetics was born. For the last ten years I’ve been honored to offer Georgetown, Texas the customized skin care concept. I love helping clients maintain beautiful skin while introducing new products, procedures, and concepts when needed. You will enjoy Image, PCA, and Osmosis skin care lines to help you reach and maintain your skin care goals.

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you, and I hope you will allow me to help you make and keep your skin beautiful for a lifetime.